Remember that one of the few days before the tour to the yacht and Messi photo of the crazy fans? Recently, the world sports news reported that after the success of the tour to Messi yacht, Messi invited him to ship and chat with them, it is also a desire to achieve their own.

24 year old young man, perhaps will never forget the day of 2016. Su Li is Atletico fans, he in the resort island of Ibiza learned from Les directly on the beach vaguely is expected to see the yacht is Messi, so he without hesitation, she jumped into the sea to swim a mile, swim to the place where the yacht.

He was carrying a mobile phone with a bag of plastic bags, because he wanted to have a movie with Messi and a movie. The crew of the ship saw Su Li told the Barcelona star, Messi immediately invited him on the yacht, when that phone Su Li has gone bad, Messi please staff help took pictures of them and send your photos to the su.

After the movie was closed, Messi asked him to drink the juice and chat with him for a day. Barcelona star asked him where he came from, like what. Su Li replied that he is not playing Ceuta, though, but a fanatic.

"Although the sacrifice of a mobile phone, but I and the shadow of Messi." Su Li on the "world sports news" said.

He and his family are very humble, very hospitable, and they do not feel that they are talking to a world-class star."

After 20 minutes on the yacht, Su Li felt that he should go, Messi offered to give him a small boat, but he refused. Su Li, as the same time, and swim back.

When Messi returned to the beach, he recognized the Soviet power, and he said hello, so Sue force and request Messi and his friends took a photo. For Su Li, this section of the memory will be his life is unforgettable.

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2016/7/20 17:25:34