According to the French football reports, Manchester City is currently the most likely to sign the city of Leicester last season, the PFA player of the year for the player of the year.

According to the French football reporter Djellit Nabil revealed that Manchester City in the near future for Maheras to send a formal offer to the city of Leicester. Today, the European Cup has come to an end, Manchester City decided to compete for Maheras, but facing fierce competition in other teams.

Barcelona is also possible for Maheras to send a transfer price of the team, they want to introduce some offensive players, including Chelsea, including a number of teams are also very interested in Algeria people. Mach Gonzalez and the team's contract until 2019, his transfer fee may range from 30 million to 50 million pounds, the player himself in a recent showing quitting intention.

Mach Gonzalez is Manchester City outside the ansa another transfer target, at present also not know Manchester City is to buy Sarda Sahney and Mach Gonzalez in a person or do you want two people also in the bag, which is likely to depend on right winger Navas whether departure.

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2016/7/20 17:28:03