Shine in the European Cup, Umm Titi signed a contract with the Spanish giants Barcelona five years. Former Lyon recently accepted the "French football" interview, talked about the French team, Barcelona and his own several hot topics.

On the French national team:

Just the selected when I still with some apprehension, for the French team effect, this level at least to be higher than in Lyon play, of course, on your level of skill and tactics also requires more high.

I don't have much contact with other teammates, so I just started to worry. Alex Lakazete often and I stay together, he told I didn't need to worry about, I can and everybody together more enjoyable. So I quickly opened my heart and my teammates welcomed me.

On the European Cup debut in Iceland:

I think this is the European Cup competition, the team's starting is often not easy to change.

To be honest, I was not prepared for the European Cup. But then I was pleasantly surprised to find that, due to changes in the tactics, I can play, this is a bit of an accident. I finally made a start and koscielny.

I feel that the manager is full of confidence in me. He told me it was like playing at Lyon, don't get too stressed out, don't be too relaxed.

But I think the rest of the team will be nervous, especially to think than I experienced Mangala didn't start, I was the first time, I am even more nervous.

The Mangala was very good to me, training he will give me some advice, I both although there is a competitive relationship, but we really good. Other teammates are the same, even if not on the field, but everyone's goal is consistent.

On the Portuguese team's final goal:

He scored in the moment I still remember, but these have passed, I must put energy into the next thing.

I don't think it's necessary for me to get over the ball because I don't have the ball. These things have passed, people have to look forward to it is not?!

Talk about your new image:

Because of the performance of the French team, many people have begun to pay attention to me.

In fact, in Lyon, the streets, many people know me, met me will stop to say hello, this is the change in football to me. But in fact, I am a quiet person, sometimes I want to stay with myself, so very good.

Talk about the new challenges in the future of barcelona:

Barcelona play football. In my opinion, there is no better place than this. I am no longer in Lyon, in Barcelona, all the challenges and pressures are equivalent to the original 10 times or even 100 times. I must be ready to meet new challenges.

When I learned that I had a chance to sign a contract with Barcelona, I was so happy! I think I will duck in barcelona.

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2016/7/21 17:21:07