The Premier League board, the British Football Association and the FA confirmed the will introduce a series of bound player behavior of the new rules in the new season, some serious behavior will be shown a red card.

Premiership chairman, Richard hill of Mohr said for the players more and more frequent "transgression" has been concerned about the "for some time", is "unacceptable".

Schu Da Moore said: "we believe that we can not tolerate these acts. In a fast-paced, high conflict football match may cause some behavior because of the fever of the mind. We want the fans to enjoy the passion of the game, but the players and the coaches have to realize that this is the bottom line."

According to the new regulations, the following acts will be a yellow card in the new season:

1 obviously acts against any competition officials;

2 for a radical reaction;

3 face to face communication with the referee;

4 rushed to the referee to protest the penalty;

5 the use of offensive, insulting or abusive language or actions against a competition official;

6 physical contact with any game official, even if it is not a radical way;

7 when there are 2 or more players from the same team surrounded the referee, there are at least 1 players will be shown a yellow card.

According to the new regulations, the following actions may be sent:

1 if a player exchanges with the referee face to face, and the use of offensive, insulting or abusive language or action;

2 physical contact with any race officer in a radical or aggressive manner.

After the release of the new rules in the Premier League, Lineker gave a thumbs up to the new rules, he said: "finally came! Although the original game may cause some confusion, but the players will eventually be good."

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2016/7/21 17:25:06