Daniel Agger has for Liverpool played eight and a half season, during which he had for four former coach of football (Benitez, Hodgson, Dalglish and Rogers), and he in an interview also gives his views on the marshal.

Since joining Liverpool in January 2006, Agger quickly became the darling of the hearts of the Red Army fans. Until 2014 to return to the old club Brondby, the central defender played a total of four coach. And in the four coach, he is undoubtedly the lowest evaluation of Hodgson. He said: "I completely lost the desire to work, because it is difficult for us to complete his training course. Not physically, but mentally. It's all the same, the same, the same, day after day."

"I and Skrtel often need to defend eight forwards in training (obviously in order to get Torres to get the confidence back). Skrtel and I work very hard in training, because we are two to eight in defense, but the eight strikers are doing nothing, they are less than a kilometer, so the training is obviously not inspiring."

And Benitez's assessment is just the opposite of Agger, Hodgson said: "there is no doubt that he is the best coach I have worked with. He can be three times in one game changing formations and tactics. We've practiced a variety of tactical systems, so we know how to play in different systems."

I still remember when we in the Nou Camp 0-1 behind Barcelona, Benitez in there (press your hands and say, 'calm'). Some of us are in a bit of a panic and think we've screwed up, but Benitez is still as cool as ice. He just stood on the sidelines, said: relax, insisting the tactics. Finally, we won the competition with 2-1."

Rodgers, the last manager to work in Liverpool, Agger, and he apparently did not get along well with him. The Danish said: "after a game, he didn't talk to me. Something's gone wrong. The first one I admit, it's my fault. I apologize, but a doctor that I don't need to apologize. Because I used to have no less than fifty times in the case of not healthy enough to say that he is ready, and finally no problem."

"In those games, no one can see that I am not physically fit, but then there is a game, I can not keep up with (I am a bit of a player). Perhaps Rodgers thought I was not good enough, that Nicolas, Kolo Toure, Skrtel is more than a match for me. And then, very fair, because the most important is to win the game for Liverpool. That's the most important thing for me. But after 42 days, I have been a starter and the new vice captain of the club has been the fourth choice for the new position. So I think a lot."

In February 23, 2014 with the Swansea game halftime, there was an intense dialogue between Agger and Rodgers. Rodgers criticized the team of two Skrtel and Agger to allow each other to get too much ball striker Agger, Bernie immediately to be hit back.

He recalled: "at that time everyone was silent, but I stood up and said: 'how can you stand there and say this, we just do the things you do this week.'" Rodgers looked at me and said in a low voice, "whatever." 12 minutes later, I was replaced by a field."

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