Liverpool and Huddersfield Club Championship held in a friendly match. The first half gruic shot to break the deadlock, then he made the point, Coutinho kick was saved by goalkeeper. Second half both sides are large area of rotation, coming off the bench in Kent before the whistle box tripped, Moreno, penalty overnight. Ultimately, Huddersfield 2-0 victory over Liverpool.

After the start of the game, the two sides have more mistakes, unable to put the ball into the restricted area. The 12th minute, Huddersfield a quick free kick, Luo ley after the ball direct long-range, but act with undue haste football wide of the goal. Fifteenth minutes, right after cross connected MANET kudiniao endo hit the door but hit the side of the internet. 18 minutes, kudiniao final against rob, kick straight plug unfortunately too large, but back against Lowe return their errors, Manet astute grab in Coleman before the ball scored an empty net. But because of this ball horse disallowed goalkeeper fouls. The 22nd minute, Payne frontier closed area after the ball slightly adjusted foot curling shot fortunately Carius flying wrecking ball saved the bottom line. Then Huddersfield to strengthen defense, Liverpool can not be a time to score thirty meters in the area of the ball.

In the 31st minute. Phil Mino bottom line return road, unmarked grujic tweaking foot shot pierced Huddersfield door, 0-1. Liverpool finally broke the deadlock on the ground.

Thirty-fourth minutes, Manet was single restricted area before the goalkeeper was tripped, referee decisive penalty and a yellow card to Coleman. Unfortunately, Coutinho penalty judgment on the direction saved by Coleman! Regret measures to expand the score opportunity.

Thirty-sixth minutes, the protective edge of the area shot just wide of the goal of crosscutting. Then the two sides no contribution to the end of the first half of the match Liverpool with grujic broke temporarily 1-0 Huddersfield into halftime.

Second half side battles, Liverpool to make a substitution adjustment, AI Jia Leah was Woodburn subbed off, Ince substitute for firmino and so on, just only Carius, lovren and Moreno was not replaced. In Huddersfield, Coleman was replaced by the goalkeeper. Forty-seventh minutes, Huddersfield chance to fight back, right xiadizhuanzhong spot fell woshe Penn high hit. Due to the two sides in the second half was almost full adjustment, the two teams have sent a large number of substitutes, unable to organize the effective attack. The scene is more boring, sixty-third minutes after the ball straight to the defensive player Ince will lose the ball to get rid of. The 67th minute, Lucas to leave the injured, because there is no adequate substitute in Liverpool, temporary camp on a goalkeeper George hurried to replace, wearing a body does not have the number of Jersey debut.

The first 79 minutes, Ince circle off the ball, suddenly pick ahead, before coming off the bench in the George in homeopathic pole but was offside slow motion display the ball in between.

The 83rd minute, Stankovic road minor adjustments to the heavy artillery bombardment Stewart door was blocked, the latter in sealing slightly injured simply does not cause illness. Eighty-eighth minutes, Kent endo tripped up, the referee awarded a penalty, Moreno kick overnight, 2-0! Liverpool victory.

Finally, with Liverpool gruic and Moreno scored a 2-0 win over Huddersfield.

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