Bayern star Alabbar said he was very sorry to leave the good friend of the grid, while he is also very grateful to the old brother Ribery has been helping.

In accepting interview goal, Alabama said: "over the past few years, he had the misfortune to encounter some injuries, but I think every time he will be to make the greatest efforts, his data to show that he is an important player for us. He is one of my closest friends."

For big brother Franck Ribery, Alabama, said: "I was 16 years old when, for the first time with the first team training together, I was into the locker room, Franck Ribery standing there and said to me, 'come here, sit down,' in the cupboard next to me, this is my now has been the use of the cabinet, he always helped me, regardless of the field or field under."

Alabbar said: "I am looking forward to the United States, I like the United States, New York, Chicago and Sherlock are very cool city, where the people are always very friendly."

For Messi and Ronaldo Cristiano comparison, Alabbar said: "they both I like, Ronaldo Cristiano training hard, every day, every hour in the effort for the success, Messi? Messi with the ball is not a human being."

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2016/7/22 17:18:59