This morning, Barcelona officially announced to sign Valencia midfielder Andres Gomez, this let Barcelona midfielder originally very luxurious icing on the cake. Barcelona midfield now Rakitic, Tulane, Busquets, rafinha, Dennis - Suarez, Andre Gomez, Samper, Roberto, Iniesta a total of nine players. However, Barcelona 4-3-3 formation in only 3 midfielders, location of the main new season competition will unprecedented fierce.

After the Barcelona announced the signing of Gomes, Rakitic broker of Sauls in social network said: "I think it's time for him to leave." This speech caused the fans in a hot moment, people have speculated it was a precursor to Rakiti will leave. Sauers then forwarded such a tweet: if Gomes came to Barcelona, then Barcelona midfielder will certainly be left."

At the beginning of this year, Barcelona intended Rakitic and renewal, but the two sides did not complete the new contract.

Are fans intense discussion Rakitic fate, Sawers and continuous forward three twitter suspected denied rumors out of Rakitic. Especially he forwarded the fans that a tweet: "we all know Rakitic will eventually become club captain!"

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2016/7/23 17:49:11