The Bundesliga club of Dortmund officially announced the signing Germany international schurrle from Wolfsburg. Schurrle and Borussia Dortmund inked a period of five years of the contract, before, according to German media "kicker" and "Bild" reports, Andre schurrle transfer fee at around 30 million euros.

Schurrle in 2006 played in Mainz academy, 2009 years of Mainz in the youth team at the time under the leadership of coach Tuchel won the German Youth League champion, Andre schurrle is the captain of the Mainz youth team. Then Tuchel become Mainz first team coach, Xu erlei also with Mainz in the Bundesliga stunning performance, 10-11 season, Andre schurrle and Holtby and Szalay consisting of "band three people group" lead Mainz to start a seven game winning streak in the Bundesliga, the band trio has also become a Bundesliga a bright scenery then.

2011 schurrle left Mainz to join Leverkusen, scoring 18 goals in Leverkusen a total of 65 Bundesliga games in schurrle. Summer of 2013 for Andre to move to the Premier League Chelsea, Xu erlei follow Chelsea won the 2015 the Premiership and Carling Cup champion. During the Chelsea years, schurrle scored 11 goals in the premier league. But schurrle has always been difficult to obtain stable starting opportunities in Chelsea. In the summer of 2015, schurrle high price of 32 million euros transfer to the Bundesliga Wolfsburg.

After joining Wolfsburg schurrle who won the 14-15 season German Cup and the German runner up. But after Andre schurrle joined the Wolf fort did not come up with anticipated performance, scored 10 goals in Wolfsburg 43 Bundesliga games, Xu erlei also and not the Wolf fort of the absolute main force player. Hulle in the summer of this year's European Cup also did not have too many performance opportunities.

Tuchel and xuerle once successful cooperation is one of the important reasons of this transfer, also joined Dortmund schurrle and his friend Royce and Goetze fought side by side.

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