A number of media reports in Italy, due to the disagreement and management, Mancini may be announced in the next 4 days to resign.

Sky sports, Premium Mediaset, Sportitalia and football market are reported, Mancini in the United States and inter President Thohir talks, but the relationship between the two is very nervous, Mancini may announce his resignation. Mancini believes that the club did not listen to their views on the transfer, but also in the construction team and management of different ideas. Suning hope to focus on youth talent selection and Mancini requirements to buy experienced players, such as Yaya Toure and candreva.

But I Karl Di may leave today, he held talks with Naples, which makes Mancini and management conflicts. Thohir reiterated inter must get the top 3 in the league, to enter the Champions League, but Mancini believes the team is not enough to compete for the top three. The next 4 days will be very critical, Suning will determine the transfer plan this summer. A few weeks ago, there were media reports, Leonardo is the first choice to replace Mancini, Mancini's contract expires after the end of the season, inter do not want to renew the contract with Mancini.

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2016/7/25 17:22:58