The game is the second battle of the international series of the United States and the United States in Milan. In the first game, inter with a black mountain demon front Jovetic's wonderful heel lore win Royal Salt Lake City ushered in a good start, Paris Saint Germain, in the first quarter of the first warm-up match with Lucas and Rabbi Ott's goal 2-1 victory over West Bromwich Albion. It is worth mentioning that this is the third consecutive year to meet in the warm-up match, two years ago in Paris with 1 ball victory.

First, inter sent almost all the main battle, Miranda vacation return debut, and Palacio Vidic composition strike partner; Paris, Captain Tiago - Silva regression team and Jim Peibei central defensive partner. The new aid Alfa to continue starting debut, his midfield partner include little Lucas and rabbi otter. Article 8 minutes, small Lucas tactical corner open to the road. In this ambush Maxwell left half lob incoming restricted area on the right, Tiago - Silva volley pad shoots, the ball from the rear of the coaction of the ball fly line.

The 14th minute, Paris get in front of 23 meters direct free kick opportunity, alpha by teammate opened the wall left a curve ball shot toward the goal. The sight is interference handanovic throws the ball to get rid of, the Austrian Liye kissing rushed to grab in El Jinshen to poke the ball the goal net. 1-0! Paris gets ahead.

The 26th minute, midfielder Biabiany ball suddenly start to accelerate the Erhoushengfeng even too many people are robbed Jim Peibei fierce recline, the latter also therefore pay the yellow card price. Lift the ball then Vidic 35 meters away from the door outside the Hong door of high quality, Areola will not neglect the ball over the bar.

The 35th minute, Stevan Jovetic road to the ball right foot process facilities Lengjian hit a record fast stick to cut, the ball struck the column on the left side the fly line.

The 36th minute, inter connects the left corner hit Kalaijiali into spot near the Stevan Jovetic feet, which welcomes the ball nushe but was in front of Thiago Silva with the body to block. The 38th minute, pull Nokia in the restricted area of roof fall, Maxwell alert before inserting into the restricted area, but in the face of attack Handa will pick the ball high.

First half injury time inter opened right corner, Miranda in the restricted area was Lucas with his arm to block a shot after the ball, the referee decisive blow penalty.

Vidic shot the top right corner. 1-1! Inter equaliser.

Then the two sides into the middle of the break.

Easy side battles the second half, Trapp and Kul Za Wa was a substitute. The 46th minute, alpha road Zhufengzhuidian even the number of people and and Lucas with the wall after the ball to left in the rabbi otter, but whose low shot deviated from the target. Fifty-first minutes, Elgin cross knock road set up Fort Vidic, the bow and arrow shot by Trapp fists out.

Fifty-eighth minutes, Arie right scimitar pass accidentally flew into the goal and abruptly hit the crossbar.

The first 60 minutes, Paris won the door 25 meters outside the free kick opportunity, Kool Zava bow, sword, his left foot to hit the a record no solution of the scimitar, the ball straight channeling goal door to the left corner. 2-1! Kurt Zawa substitute for the team lead again.

Then Paris people make adjustments, and the new aid Maniyah Cavani bench. The 75th minute, Cavani in the restricted area was ball right foot after a clever buckle and left immediately pocket shoots the far angle, the ball struck the remote column to fly out of the goal.

At the end of the game, angel Di Maria came on as a substitute. 87th minute, Enkunku right-sided Tulwar will ball into the box, Oriyah road closed area unguarded header punch top succeeded.3-1! Austrian Melies open second degree locking victory.

The final international Milan 1-3 defeat to Paris Saint germain.

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