Juventus Football Club officially announced that to 90 million euros in cash surrender introduction of Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain, the deal would also become football history worth the highest transfer.

Due to the Naples resolute don't agree with the Bianconeri for negotiations. The latter paid directly 9000 million euros to the termination charges signed under the young smoker. Gonzalo Higuain has become the most expensive player in the history of Juventus and Serie A, which can be ranked third in the history of football.

In the summer of 2013, Real Madrid to 1 billion euros from Tottenham Hotspur introduced the Welsh players bell, this is football history the most expensive transfer.

July 2009, Real Madrid to 94 million euros from Manchester United to take away Ronaldo C, then at that time also created the highest value of the transfer, currently ranked second. In 2013 Barcelona in order to get Neymar, Santos paid 86 million 200 thousand euros (although some people think, plus some bonus terms of his worth up to 105 million), the transfer is now ranked fourth.

In addition, worth ranked in the first 5-10 are Suarez, de Blau Hei, Di Maria, Zidane and Ibrahimovic. However, if Manchester United insist on the introduction of the 120 million euro in the Juventus midfielder, Baer's highest transfer fee record will be broken.

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2016/7/27 17:33:31