According to the "Aspen" reports, the Chelsea striker Diego Costa hope in the summer return to Atletico Madrid and he has in the recent call Simone and request horses competing to wait for his decision.

Western media says Atletico currently has close to sign Sevilla striker gameiro, because Chelsea have been reluctant to discuss Costa's possible move, the French striker has become the sheets Legion preferred, and because the Atletico Madrid and Sevilla has been completed on loan midfielder carat in Victor, relationship between the two clubs also has contributed to the French striker trading, before there are media reports Atletico will be at the price of 35 million euros (Euro 3000+500 floating sign gamero.

"Aspen" said Atletico ahead of the euro 60 million has to offer Costa, but the blues and they accidentally talks. New Chelsea coach conti has repeatedly said he hoped Costa to leave, Chelsea this summer, has signed Marseille striker Ba Shu Yayi, and there are rumors that they are considering the Everton striker Romelu Lukaku back to Stamford Bridge.

In this way, the Chelsea striker will will usher in two new signings, "Aspen" said so the Blues will be able to open negotiations for Costa. Player I may have personally and Ma Jing coach Simonyi has had the exchange, Costa hope Simonyi can continue to give him a little time, and now it is the turn of the horse race to make the final decision on the matter.

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2016/7/28 17:34:07