November 20, Rockets coach JB- Bickerstaff said in an interview, James - Harden is the time to enhance their leadership capability.

Bickerstaff said the team meeting in the past few weeks, they have been committed to Harden become a better player and leader.

"These talks, we try to make him the best he can do for the players," Bickerstaff said. "It relates to leadership and sacrifice, and for your teammates, these things are the most important For him, his obvious talent and fame, then the next step? "

Obviously, Bickerstaff hope Harden can pay more to go in the race, to motivate his teammates.

"Now you need to pay, to reach the level he wants to achieve, you need to win the game, and a big score to beat. For him, obviously he has its own talent, but now he needs to sublimate his The teammate was driven up, which is something he needs to focus on, is his goal. "Bickerstaff representation.

To become a good leader means that both ends need to do their best. In yesterday's game victory over the Trail Blazers, Bickerstaff praised Harden did this.

"I myself, man, just be a let everyone know that I can play at both ends of the player it wants," Bickerstaff said. "He thought he did not become that kind of player, then he both ends to enhance their focus on the degree in the field to become a good leader, make sure that his teammates are on the same level and maintain confidence.

2015/11/20 2:28:58