The club officially announced, the team signed the Schalke 04 Germany international Leroy down. The German international has become a Manchester City this summer fifth signing of the new season, he will wear the number 19 shirt. Transfer fee of 48 million euros +700 million euros, the two sides signed a contract for 5 years.

Wattenscheid 09 SG down from the Academy, he entered the Schalke youth system in 2005. In 2008, he left for Schalke, Leverkusen youth camp. In 2011, down as a free agent to Schalke, as a member of the U17 youth team schalke.

Ansa 1.84 meters tall, 14-15 season. The German teenager began to enter people's vision at the age of 20, he is for the team in the League played 13 times and scored 3 goals and sent of 1 assists. Last season, ansa gradually firmly secured the position to the main team, a total of for the team appearance 42 times he scored in the seven goals and scored 7 assists.

Ansa pitch can be competent for the position of the right wing, left front and center, despite having dual citizenship in Germany and France, but was born in Germany, he chose to play for the German team. At present he has represented the German national team played four times, and follow Germany took part in this year's European Cup.

Earlier reports said the Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Manchester United and other teams are interested in signing the young German international, but in the end, he decided to join Manchester City to his favorite for a long time. It is reported that Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola appreciate ansa style of play.

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2016/8/2 17:25:16