According to "the times" reported Chelsea for Lukaku send a final offer - 67 million pounds, and to inform the Everton, if the transaction can not be completed this month, Chelsea will then give up the deal, and not in the next season to restart negotiations.

The deal with Chelsea then buy stones similar, the blues in 12 months offer three times stones were rejected, Chelsea have never tried to introduce the England defender. Now, he is close to joining Manchester City.

Chelsea two years ago to Lukaku to 28 million pounds sold to Everton, in the last two seasons, a small world of Warcraft scored 45 goals, now that Chelsea are expected to more than 2 times the original worth will buy him back. Last week, Chelsea offered Everton a 57 million pound offer, which was rejected by Everton, who demanded at least 75 million pounds.

But Chelsea have confidence to lower the price of signing Romelu Lukaku, because the original Everton 2800 million pounds is not paid in full. In addition, Lukaku had joined Everton, Chelsea also contract joined the a second sharing terms, if Lukaku reaches a certain data, and to more than 28 million pounds transfer price, Chelsea can share a fee. Details of the contract, and now can not be revealed, but Chelsea can take this part of the cost to make a discount.

Chelsea and Everton will be further negotiations this week, Chelsea's final offer will not be more than 70 million pounds.

The times also noted that Chelsea wanted Lukaku will do not represent will sell Diego Costa, because Chelsea coach conti hope in the new season enabled two strikers. Costa has been recovering from a back injury, Conti for his loyalty to the club have confidence.

For Atletico publicly and repeatedly contact Costa behavior Chelsea very angry, and has twice sent a letter to the Spanish club, threatened them to FIFA.

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2016/8/3 18:01:52