In just the end of the international Champions League match, Liverpool 4-0 victory over Barcelona. This game, Cyclops has coached the team back to Mainz's home court, received a warm welcome from the fans. After the start of the game, the two sides are not eager to speed up the pace of the game. Third minutes, Liverpool area before the free kick, Henderson direct free kick shot by the wall. Tenth minutes after the end of the ball origgi right under the back door, but the road is no outflanks. In the 13th minute, Rodriguez, the ball reached the restricted area after the process to the bottom line near the ball return, the ball hit the Weiss when hand, referee decisive penalty.

Brosinski penalty fooled 1-0 Manninger, Mainz took the lead!

Eighteenth minutes, Moreno kick back in Cordoba, after treatment, Cordoba returned to the game. The 31st minute and right-sided Clemens received teammate passes. Then he picked the ball enters the forbidden area left foot shot after the extraordinary ball wide of the far corner. Thirty-sixth minutes, gruic Zhise left origgi box ball, Akira defense after the kick blasts dapian. Fortieth minutes, gruic injury, yingsi substitute. The first 45 minutes, Mainz midfielder off the ball after launch to quick attack, de Blasis pass, Cordoba, the ball enters the forbidden area, under the interference of matip still kicker shot, the ball hit the back of the net, 2-0, Mainz to expand the score!

Subsequently, the first half of the game ended, the two sides into the middle of the break.

Easy side battles, both sides to make a large area of personnel adjustment. 49 minutes, Mainz road off the ball after launch quick attacks, Marle crosses the frontier closed area, Clemens on the right side of the receiver processing slower, shot was blocked. Since then, Liverpool spate of cross backcourt mistakes. The 58th minute, Mainz front closing down again harvest, Marle midfield the ball into the box front tiptoe long-range, the ball flew into the goal in the lower left corner, Manninger was powerless to stop it, 3-0, Mainz almost to seal the victory.

Subsequently, Liverpool once again makes a change, Moreno was replaced by Hart. Mainz also make substitutions adjustment, Wuteng Yoshiki play. Boosman replaced Brosinski, Phil replaced Mino Wijnaldum replaced Henderson origgi. Seventy-fourth minutes, Bentsen right pass, Wuteng Kamon header, 4-0, Mainz victory!

Eightieth minutes, yingsi teammate inverted triangle pass break, but the first was offside, the goal is invalid. Finally, the end of the game, Mainz beat Liverpool 4-0 home court.

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2016/8/8 17:42:52