According to Italy Sky Sports and the news of the personal website Di Ma, international Milan and coach Mancini to discuss the termination of the contract, the latter is likely to leave the club.

Throughout the summer, the Nerazzurri and coach is always very nervous, and Roberto Mancini's contract has one year time expires. Differences with new boss Suning group in the contract and the transfer policy, let people have been worried about the manjor in the summer to leave early, and now it seems this possibility is may occur in tonight.

According to the sky station, Di Ma Ji Di personal website and the news of the football market network, Inter's lawyers have met with representatives of Mancini, the two sides hope to reach a friendly break up agreement.

If Mancini left the Meazza stadium, the former Ajax boss De Boer is most likely to replace.

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2016/8/8 17:45:50