This game is an important battle of the Bremen pre-season tour, is the last battle of Chelsea prior to the opening of the new Premier League season. In the previous warm-up match in Bremen in three consecutive games greatly, this to be in the Bundesliga unveiling war challenge away Bayern parrot Legion is good news; Chelsea in the summer of the Champions League played five games, three wins 2 of the negative. In the final battle of the blues 3-1 victory over Milan. After the visit to Germany, Chelsea will be on the 16 day of the first round of the Premier League in the home court against West ham.

First, Chelsea nearly as sharp play, Kanter ushered in the first opportunity, Azar and William is separated the two, Costa single arrow protrusion; Bremen, regression against his old club Kruse and old demon Pizarro strike partner, Yunuzo Vecchi sits in midfield. After the start of the two fighting is very intense, second minutes, Costa and Wei De Wilde vie for the ball in the penalty area when foul.

6 minutes, Chelsea opened the left corner, Werder Bremen players Disembarrassing far, matic outside the restricted area of the ball and handed over to the left flank of the hazard, the latter slightly adjusted sword Zhang crossbows vigorously right foot shot, the ball quickly jumped into the top left corner. 0-1! Chelsea succeeded in opening blitz.

8 minutes, Oscar in the forbidden area left rib try and Costa for wall with, Costa cleverly batch of the ball and returned to the foot of the Oscar, after the latter dribbling enters the forbidden area, poke shoots forces a door open. 0-2! Chelsea in 3 minutes, even under the two cities.

The 15th minute, near to the circle that ball a Moisander suddenly sent a note to the straight pass over to Luke right at the foot of the Lu Ze, the latter immediately after ball into the penalty area outside the arc at the top, Younuzuo Veitch plains thunder hit a record high quality Explosive Shot, the ball hard hit door frame, Bremen missed scoring opportunities.

After eighteenth minutes, Pizarro ball single-handed process to the restricted area arc before was at Lengjian, but this foot low shot some more. 26 minutes, William frontcourt complete anti rob soared all the way to the edge of the area will be the ball to the restricted area on the right side of the Costa, the latter foot shot is Werder Bremen defender block. The first 30 minutes, William open right-wing free kick, Costa in hit the door, Wei De Wald feet will ball dangchu, then Kanter will be ball side, William arc ball pass again is Wei De Wald Yingnayanque off.

The 31st minute. Courtois ball in hand looking for Ivan, but Younuzuo Veitch horse immediate concern will cut the ball and penetrates the forbidden area, matic helpless under the ball tipped over, the referee signaled a penalty. Pizarro then pushed easily shoot the bottom right corner succeeded, Courtois misjudge direction only musongpiqiu network. 1-2! Bremen pulled one back.

Fortieth minutes, Junuzovi fired again in the box at the top of the arc, but playing the ball slightly offset. The 44th minute, Ivan right-sided ball after the transfer to the left of the hazard, the ball all the way the title of the bridle to kill the road suddenly sent straight plug, Costa offside process to the small forbidden area left rib rear foot easily push shoot procurable. 1-3! Chelsea half ending at both ends of the goal to help the team temporarily lead the ball 2 bremen.

Then the two sides into the middle of the break.

The second half side battles, the 47th minute, after William front right Ruth ball sends out, Costa in the restricted area of the internal strife wins the ball again and Wei De Wald knocked down together, and the ball flew out of the bottom line. Fiftieth minutes, William right lob pass, Ivan area leaping header slightly higher. The 55th minute, Oscar left horse reached the box and cross knock Road, Costa in near the penalty spot right foot buckle defender, left homeopathic push shot, the ball slightly wide of the bottom.

The first 60 minutes, Chelsea front hit with the exquisite, small method in the restricted area arc top sent last pass, pick the ball to the restricted road, but Oscar subsequent single hit the door was Wei De Wald foot magic block.

The 65th minute. Bartels front left to the ball after a record low ball ball to the top of the restricted area arc, coming off the bench in the pedicle of process facilities Lengjian, such as the ball out bore shells like channeling the net nest. 2-3! Bremen and then pull one.

The 73rd minute, Ivan once again rely on accurate long ball found in front of the Ba Shu Yayi, but the latter vigorously boom door is sealed by Wei De Wald. Before the whistle, Chelsea played fast counter attack, Aisne off the ball after a successful gave Pedro in a better position, the latter in front of the box easily push re-entry ball shot. 2-4! Chelsea again to expand the score.

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