Liverpool coach klopp's disciples from the 0-4 defeat in the Mainz game to learn an important lesson "".

Liverpool in Beijing time yesterday morning with a 4-0 win over Barcelona. They then nonstop rushed to Germany, and Mainz for the new season before the war finally a warm-up match. The results of the day two race to make the Red Army, the final 0-4 defeat in the opponent.

Klopp said: "we have a very difficult game today, 100%, but that is a very important lesson. If the game is tough, then we will have a difficult game in the new season, we have to trust our own style of play, our own ideas, and all we have done."

"(for example) how we defend, how to organize. If you mess up, then you will be the other party to seize the opportunity, and then you need to re play organized, not on this sink. Of course you can see that your opponent is more aggressive than we are today. Here we have 2 in the morning, this time is not perfect, but they ignited a hot atmosphere of competition. We put ourselves in the face of difficulties, of course, we should not have lost 0-4, but we have to do a good job."

And when it comes to then league with Arsenal, klopp said: "we are in a good condition, if we could send a good squad, depending on next week we have on hand which players, then we will very strong of. Until now, we have done a good work. But like today, we need to find another solution, and this job will never stop."

"Today's lineup is the result of compromise, that is not the best arrangement, not very good. But we always ask ourselves to do better, we should have done better."

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2016/8/8 17:50:18