November 20, reports from "NetsDaily" said Nets player Sergei? - Kara Shove do not want to stay in the team.

Carla Shove in 2013 NBA Draft, the first one in the first 19 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers selected, then in 2014 was traded to the Nets Knight. In March this year he experienced a severe knee injury, causing him to miss nearly seven months of competition. After the Nets announced that the team does not perform karaoke Shove options.

Sergei - Carla Shove father, Vasily - Kara Shove Russian history is one of the best basketball players in the Russian league is currently coaching. His son, the current situation is very angry, he said:. "Everything is very confusing Sergei perfectly healthy people, but his coach (Nets coach Lionel Hollins) did not know what to think, he said he did not think Frank Turgay is part of the team in my own point of view, this team is now complete chaos. Even if I would do a better job than him. This team no future. "

"Sergei and the team will now begin to discuss the deal, he was 22 years old, he wanted to play. He feels he is fully recovered, the health situation is very good. In this case, the whole year is completely non-bench I accepted. "

Last season, Kara Shove Nets team played a total of 33 games, including 16 games as a starter, he averaged 16.8 minutes per game, 4.6 points and 2 rebounds. And this season, he has got a total of only six minutes of playing time, he scored 2 points.

2015/11/20 2:46:41