According to the sports daily reported, Barcelona are interested in Valencia striker Paco - Al Kassel, the media said Barcelona have chosen captain of the bat regiment to become the team's fourth striker.

The media have made great progress in both clubs on the player's transfer, Paco, I also willing to join Barcelona. The sports daily said although Paco contract liquidated damages as high as 80 million euros, but his true worth probably at around 30 million euros.

Reportedly Valencia boss Rong Fu Lin I Friday is in Barcelona, the western media said his relationship with bartomeu is very good, which is before the two sides can complete Andre Gomez and Montoya's transfer dealings of reason.

In addition, the media said that in order to complete the transfer transaction, Barcelona will probably join in team striker Munir. In order to discuss the fate of the issue, the broker has recently met with barcelona.

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2016/8/13 17:27:31