"Aspen" reported that FIFA will be in front of the local time tomorrow night to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid's transfer window ban make a final decision, the two teams Madrid previously because of the illegal introduction of more than not to the age requirement for young players by FIFA punishment.

Originally Real Madrid and the horse race last season has been FIFA punishment, but after the two clubs appeal, FIFA Appeal Committee for final consideration, the punishment was postponed for 8 months.

If FIFA will announce the final decision and decided to immediately implement, Real Madrid is likely to be unable to rent players, including ODO high young players like future may be affected.

However, "Aspen" said that Real Madrid did not give up a final effort, they are studying Barcelona case past Barcelona suffered a similar ban, Real Madrid's legal department may also prepare to this appeal to the court of arbitration for sport.

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2016/8/13 17:31:38