According to the "mirror" to get the message, Arsenal are ready to enter the Southampton defender Feng battle in.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to the Portuguese fellow very interested in for the Reds would like the team edge Rojo added to it, to persuade the saints to let go of their captain. He took a fancy to the rich experience of the 32 year old. Although Southampton has sent a new contract for Feng, it will make him the highest paid player in the team, but the defender has been on the point of going to Italy.

However, the Reds want to do so also need one another, because Arsenal are also interested in fuente. Gunners currently defence shorthanded, the main team defender per Mertesacker the truce until December of this year, and Gabriel also for wound armistice 6-8 weeks.

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2016/8/17 17:27:21