November 20, the former Bulls star - Dennis Rodman in an interview that, when the Bulls shot 72 wins and 10 losses when the NBA in this league is better than the current on "110%."

1995-96 season, Rodman where the Bulls won 72 wins and 10 losses the best single-season record in NBA history.

Rodman believes that the year that support the Bulls can still dominate in today's NBA game, he said that they can remain undefeated at this point in time of the season.

Up to now, the Warriors are all the teams in the NBA this season unbeaten team, they scored 12 3-0 start.

"People say they are going to win at 72 wins and 10 losses, I do not care whether they win 81 wins and 1 loss. We were the first team to get this record." Rodman spoke against the current year's Bulls of this Warriors.

1995-96 season, when still only 34-year-old Rodman played just 32.6 minutes, 5.5 points can get 14.9 rebounds 2.5 assists.

During the interview, Rodman also talked about the time when Isiah - Thomas defeated the Dream Team thing.

"He should, he should replace selected ...... - Larry Bird was selected." Rodman said.

2015/11/20 2:50:27