Arsenal FC two shareholders Lucius Maarof said he did not intend to sell their hands 30% of the shares.

An evaluation of good Gunners fan website arseblog on Wednesday reported Usmanov is ready to sell their shares in the hands of the news, they also revealed that the Russian businessman decided to stake in Arsenal shareholders Mo Xu Li controlled by Everton. Forbes gives information display Usmanov's net worth reached $19 billion, his spokesman said Usmanov has no intention of their cash in the hands of the shareholding in Arsenal.

The statement writes: "and some of the media reports on the contrary, red and white holding company (red and white holdings to statement to the outside world, Mr. Usmanov has no intention of selling his Arsenal stake in the club. Mr. Lucius Maarof will continue to be an Arsenal FC shareholder and will be regarded as a long-term investment for the family and future generations. Red and white holding company currently holds 30.04% of the shares of Arsenal fc."

Lucius Maarof rarely intervene in Arsenal Football Club matters, the majority shareholder of the club owns 67.05% of the shares of the club. According to the relationship between the two men reported is not harmonious, but Usmanov, 62 years old, would not with his torn skin, so Kroenke can in accordance with their own ideas to run the club.

Mo Xu Li exit makes Usmanov has a red and white holding company all the shares, the Iranian businessman in the beginning of the year become the major shareholder of the club Everton. Lucius Maarof after the relevant reports appear immediately denied that he will sell the hands of 30% Arsenal club shares news.

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2016/8/19 17:23:31