Messi has returned to the Argentina national team, he will participate in the September World Cup team competition. Despite Messi has rejoin, but Argentina national team coach pillar Bauza said team can not be too dependent on Lionel Messi: "we should get rid of Messi dependence, I hope that Messi is an important member in our squad, but the team must also have other people to be able to stand up. Our idea is to create a better environment for Messi. Messi will be very focused on the national team's game, he played for the representative of Argentina full of hope." ,

For the next game against Uruguay match, pillar Bauza do the difficult preparation: "we only 2 days time regroup and get ready for the match, Uruguay has a very luxurious striker, so the game will very difficult."

To defeat the national team Gonzalo Higuain, Bauza said Gonzalo Higuain will have the opportunity to the national team squad for the next time.

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2016/8/23 17:40:57