Chelsea have won the first two games of the new season, the battle of Waterford and Chelsea with Costa's winning 2-1 win the game. He at the West Ham game and Waterford, respectively in 89 minutes and 87 minutes. Conti's Chelsea is also in hot pursuit planes in Manchester's footsteps, ranked in the top three. In the last month, Conti took over the team, the team formation of. And strengthen the strength of the daily training in the team, the control of the player's diet. Courtois feels Chelsea is back on track.

"We had a high intensity training before the season, which means we are prepared to fight to the last minute," he told the London Evening News. In the game against Watford and West Ham, perhaps we have been able to hold more to speed up the rhythm of the game, we can fight until the last moment. This is too critical for the Premier League. Because most teams, in the end of the game because of physical problems arising out of the situation, our advantage is out, because we can handle this point.

"Like we can win the first two games with this advantage, it can be said that this is our capital. Of course we want to win the game more easily, but it's always nice when you can win like this. So we can stay in the top of the table. I can not say we are champions, but this victory means we can win. If you want to climb to the top, then you must be at the beginning of the season to win some soul stirring game, just like we do in Waterford, we demonstrate the unyielding spirit. "

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2016/8/23 17:46:02