Spanish media the sports daily news, the Argentine football legend Jorge Valdano, Jorge Valdano interviewed praised Messi in Barcelona.

It is reported that Jorge Valdano do not like to imitate the speech of others, in an interview always love to define great players in world football. When it comes to Messi, he said: "Messi is a genius, he played five games in Barcelona can win three games, his role in the field is no one can match."

For all Argentines, they are very love great players, and openly praise. Valdano for Messi to return to the decision of the national team endless praise: "after he made out of the national team decided to let him understand the professional players of the shoulder with a very heavy burden, and players like to release their pressure in front of the microphone seems to these pressures far beyond the range they bear, very lucky, time to help him ease the pressure and made a return to the national team. If he never quit the national team, this is very bad for Argentina football."

As usual, Valdano praised the former Barcelona coach pep Guardiola: "always in pursuit of excellence."

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2016/8/23 17:55:12