In the Manchester City and Steaua Bucharest game, Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart usher in Guardiola era's debut, but it is also likely he was at the end of city life.

Because Guardiola is valued goalkeeper ball ability, Caballero enabled at the same time, Manchester City are very close to signing chin shaman will Bravo, Hart has become third choice goalkeeper position, the media generally optimistic about the he left the effectiveness of 10 years old city.

The game, Hart played the full 90 minutes to complete the 16 pass, but also to maintain a 100% pass success rate, but it seems too late to take a tumble. Fans have put the game as his farewell war, when Hart pass, the audience fans immediately sent a warm applause.

To match the first 65 minutes, Manchester City fans began to chant: "if you much - Hart, then stand up and soon, fans in the audience stood up for the England goalkeeper sent to the warmest applause fans still want the goalkeeper to stay with the team. Hart also suspected brimming with tears.

By the end of the game, the TV broadcast footage found in the stands two Manchester City old Richards and Lescott, they also seem to witness the good friend's farewell.

After the match, Hart in front of the camera in front of the scene of the Manchester City fans came to send a kiss and touch the front of Manchester City badge, to their says thank you.

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2016/8/25 18:00:53