After locking the Champions League places, Manchester City coach Guardiola praised the player's performance, but also on the situation of Hart made a note.
Compared to first leg 5-0 defeat the opponent, the game, Manchester City just 1-0 victory over Steaua Bucharest, Guardiola for the first half of the team could not create too much opportunity was disappointed, but the final results feel happy.
He said: "in a very short period of time, we played 2 games in the Champions League, so we should. This is due to the players and the club, because we are better at home and on the road. Too many people focused on defense in the first half. We don't have a good choice of passing the ball. Our stones, and Fernando only 1 anti Kolarov individuals, but not for what.
"In the second half, we played better, although we had a lot of possession in the first half but didn't create the chance, I don't like it. Organizational offense is the most important. If you are just passing, passing, and no chance. The opponent is not just defensive retreat before the pressure. We need to use the open space, the second half we have a faster pace, the performance is also much better. The players are in a very good state of mind, so now we can celebrate in the Champions League."
The game, Joe - Hart ushered in the new season playing for the first time, and he also put on the captain's armband and fans throughout the game are to send Joe - Hart singing and clapping. Guardiola admits it was a tough decision to play in the first three games without using Joe Hart, but he said it was part of the job.
"Joe is still a player and I know he is a legend," said the man. "He is one of the reasons why Manchester City is a city. He has helped the club to the next level, so I'm glad to see the way the fans treat him tonight.
"I came here to make some decisions and in my coaching career, I made some good decisions and some bad decisions. But I can't deny what I feel, I'm honest with Joe, the club and myself, and that's what I've been trying to do. I hope all of us will be satisfied with all my decisions, but it's not possible.
"It's not easy for a coach to make decisions that might affect the lives of the players. We have 28 players, so there are 17 players can not always play. Do you think they will be satisfied with the manager? They will not be satisfied.
"I totally understand that the fans are not happy. Joe has done a lot to the club over the years, more than me, I've been here for 1 months, and he's been here for years. I respect everyone here, but I come here and I have to make some decisions, that's what I feel."

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2016/8/25 18:04:12