C Ronaldo won the player of the 2015 / 16 season UEFA accepted bein sport interview, in an interview, he talked about his plans for the future.

First, C Ronaldo recalled his success last season: This is an unforgettable year, whether it is the club level or the national team, whether it is collective honor or personal data, I am very satisfied. After winning the two contest, it is great to use an important individual award for the year. I would like to thank my teammates in the club and the national team, I am very happy now."

For his next target, Ronaldo said: "I want to continue to play like this, hold my, hold my goals, assists and good performance, for Real Madrid to win more honor -- League, the king's cup and the Champions League. If possible, I hope to help Portugal as soon as possible to lock the world cup finals."

C Ronaldo also believes that this year is the best year of his career: This is a very important year, of course, my career is very important every year, every year is not the same. But this year, I have won the Champions League and the European Cup, especially the European Cup, which is the first major competition in Portugal's history. In terms of team level, this year is the best year of my career."

Florentino Perez had publicly expressed the hope that Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid kicked retire, this C Ronaldo replied: "yes, this is what I want. Of course I want to in the world the best club kicked retire. I hope to be able to play to 41 years old, and now the goal is to play well, to renew, and then stay in madrid."

Finally, it comes to inspiring their method, Ronaldo said: "I have been in self motivation, I don't need to pay attention to other people, I just need to maintain their level of, to do their favorite things - playing, then a year after year to maintain a competitive edge."

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2016/8/26 17:41:42