Prior to Jordan in the finals "flu war" boots worn in the last year was the auction had $ 105,000, it was in the 1997 Finals fifth, Jordan at 2:00 on race day because of food poisoning and very weak and even harder to get up. But in the end he insisted on playing the game, also played 44 minutes, scored 38 points, seven rebounds, five assists and three steals.

And this "final battle" jersey, naturally, has extraordinary significance. Jordan then played 82 games in the regular season finale on April 19 to face old rival Knicks, 34 years old, he played 40 minutes, scored 11 of 24 shots, 44 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, He led the team to win. After the end of the season, Michael Jordan announced his retirement again, never to return again in 2001 did not pass through the Bulls jersey.

Auction official said: "No one in retirement after so many years can auction such a high price - Michael Jordan collectible memorabilia worthy 比贝博 - Ruth (MLB ancient legend)."

The Jordan memorabilia auction also includes a pair he wore in the 1996 NBA Finals shoes, the transaction price reached $ 34,000, compared to the previous Jordan sneakers auction, the price is not high.

His rookie season through a pair of signature shoes have been sold more than 70,000 US dollars of high-priced, these shoes donated to the Lakers when he hands caddy, when he still did not wear the famous Air Jordan series.

And Jordan in 1998 Finals that classic final vote, but also makes the game was used to obtain the basket was the auction price of $ 41,000. The basket is known as "the most important sport in the sense basket" because he gave Jordan's career drew to a successful close.

Although that is not the Jordan Investment career full stop, but at least in his bull period, enough to become the greatest star. Even retired so many years, because he hit the bull's cause, so he still have the "Midas touch" magic.

2015/11/16 18:47:20