November 20, in yesterday's game, James - Harden not only did the Rockets bench saw Kevin - McHale, he did not see the Rockets coach JB- Bickerstaff.

Because in yesterday's game, Bickerstaff rockets rarely sit on the bench.

"His whole game standing on the sidelines," Harden said. "I do not know whether this is because that is the reason for his first game, he was very excited, but he has that kind of energy."

Harden went on to say: "Even if we were behind 15 points or 16 points, he still has the same energy, with that, we look to the bench, he was still in that stand, coach, give us confidence that this will produce a great impact, which makes us strive to advance and compete. "

"This has a huge impact, gives us great confidence, regardless of our circumstances, how much we missed shots, or how many there have been mistakes, when we look to there, that feeling of excitement that has been . "Harden said.

2015/11/20 2:54:51