According to sky sports reports, Arsenal are ready to allow Will Hill to rent a season, in order to allow him to get a stable appearance time.

Will Hill has only played 2 times in the league this season and Arsenal are willing to take him out of the game to get a steady play. The gunman has 2 days to find the right team for the midfielder. Will Hill did not enter into a new session of the England team, three lions coach Allardyce believes in the call up before the 24 year old midfielder also need to play more games.

Will Hill missed the 2015-16 season most of the season due to a broken leg, and as the new players continue to join, the gunmen in the midfield position is increasingly fierce competition. Wenger in the summer of last year signed Egyptian international El Hei Ni, and this summer they used 34 million pounds to buy Swiss star zacca.

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2016/8/30 18:11:08