Manchester United boss Sir Mourinho has revealed that he will give Ibrahimovic a longer break from the date of the international game than any other player at Manchester United.

Mourinho said the team has no national team players will get 2 days of vacation, and he will give Ibrahimovic 4 days of time.

Mourinho said: "at the age of 34, you need to have a rest.". You can't play 70 games a season, so I gave 2 days off for the rest of the country, and I gave Ibrahimovic 4 days off.

"I gave him a little more vacation as a situation. He played every game, every minute. The four game, he played 360 minutes - four days of rest time to this big guy."

Since this summer from Paris Saint Germain free transfer to Manchester United, Ibrahimovic on behalf of the United played the first 4 games scored 4 goals.

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2016/8/30 18:13:49