An international football warm-up match in Brussels the king Baudouin stadium, Spain's 2-0 win over belgium. The first half morata due to injury leave, then substitute Diego Costa assists Silva tuishe scoring. J- in the second half of the Lukaku team Vitolo foul penalty, Silva overnight to complete the plum to open two degrees, the final loppert Kyrgyzstan coach ushered in the matador opener.

The game is the first time the two teams assembled at the end of the European Cup. The two teams this summer's European Cup is not the best, followed by Will Motz and Bosco both class, Martinez became the new coach of the European red devils, Henry served as a teaching assistant, young Lopez Terje took up the matador helm, the game two coach coaching debut of popular attention. This weekend, the two teams will officially meet the afterlife preliminaries of the journey, Belgium at Cyprus and Spain at battle of Zhi DUNSHI at home court.

First, O Zal, de Blau Hei led the Belgian attack group, but in front of the top players for a Spanish teenager Ao Liji;, matador sent Ramos and Peake led the strongest defensive lineup, and wore the number 10 shirt Tiago to replace the missing in the war Iniesta control of midfield, morata continue starting front.

The first fifth minutes, Belgium left to launch quick counter attack, Zal, through the rhythm changes process to the bottom line came to return after the angle area, David De Gea hit the ball far away, Callas had the ball back to the big edge of the area, wurtzell ball nushe slightly on the left column. Eighth minutes left, Spain play fast counter, Silva in the left side will ball straight to the rapid set of edges to the foot of Alba, the latter does not stop directly push Wei Road, Alder Rael before the destruction of the ball to the difference.

Twentieth minutes, Alba and Silva in the forbidden area left continuous short pass into the box after golf, virton Hengmen before the siege not far, Tiago restricted road towards the ball volley, the ball missed the goal far away.

Twenty-third minutes, Morata was injured in the fighting can not adhere to the game, he then exit back to the locker room, Costa came off the bench. Thirty-fourth minutes, Spain instigated offensive on the right, Carvajal precision threaded ball into the box to get the ball forward, bittolo after crossing the bottom line in the vicinity of homeopathic attack to the Courtois inverted triangle road, Costa in front of the door back to knock the ball to the penalty area, follow Silva easily push Kongmen succeed. 0-1! Spain lead.

Since then the game was slightly dull, the two sides have failed to rewrite the score, then the game into the middle of the rest.

Easy side battles the second half, forty-seventh minutes, Spain won the right front ball, Tiago opened the ball into the box, Peake offside header Gongmen Courtois flying subduction block. After the start of the second half, Spain firmly occupied the field of active power, Belgium is a little quiet.

Fifty-seventh minutes, Busquets qianchangduanqiu after a straight to the potential formation of single Costa, but the latter into the restricted area after shot down a letter by courtois. Sixty-first minutes trip, J- Lukaku in the restricted area will be trying to break the leg was sentenced to death by the referee Vitolo.

Then Silva penalty shot the upper left corner of the goal successfully deceived courtois. 0-2! Xierwamei open two degrees to help Spain to expand the lead.

Seventy-fifth minutes, the Spanish troops of the young players, Vasquez and Saul coming off the bench, Silva and Vitolo come to rest. Eighty-first minutes, the outside of the penalty area outside the penalty area to get the ball after the shot a wonderful arc ball attack the door, David De Gea dedication wonderful save will come and go out of the block.

The final stage of the game, the two sides also unable to rewrite the score, the final end of the game the referee whistle.

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2016/9/2 17:52:08