A focus of the international football warm-up match in Barry, France 3-1 to win the game in Italy. The first half horse Charles pole broke the first record, then turned and shot pellet quickly equalized, Giroux in the area to help the French shot ahead again. The second half assists Pogba Kool Zawa victory, the French team again in the final game victory over Italy.

The game is the first time the two teams assembled at the end of the European Cup. This summer's European Cup in Italy and host France has a good play, but the Italy 8 in the war Germany and France missed the penalty against direct confrontation. The two teams last met dates back to 2012, when the French 2-1 win over Italy. It is worth mentioning that this game is the Italy coach Ventura's first show.

First, Italy is still guarding Longmen by Buffon, Pele and Eder continue to partner up front; France, Amanda Lori as goalkeeper for Red Crowned, bogeba, Gregory Saltzman and Giroux main full debut. Shortly after the start, Italy corner, Paley area towards the ball directly hit the door, the ball slightly wide of the right post.

Sixteenth minutes, Pogba in this half ball after brief observation suddenly came a super long distance curve around Italy to rescue in line behind the Chiellini errors occur when the ball missed, the horse forward to form single Charles alert and relaxed after tuishe, 0-1! France lead the road.

Twentieth minutes, right after the ball the way Eder Ruth. Throw off the defender and resting the ball cross into the box, in the box Pelle grab a ball and shot at the back body ball quickly fleeing into the proximal corner column. 1-1! Italy quickly equalized.

Twenty-seventh minutes out of the left corner by Gregory Saltzman not far Italy rescue, Kanter hit the ball into the box, Kurt Zawa restricted area near the line headed Yiceng, Giroux homeopathic ball flying out of the volley, the ball crashed into the net. 1-2! The continuation of the national team in a good state of the field, the game will once again rewrite the score.

Thirty-seventh minutes, Italy left the offensive, near the de Sileo process to the bottom line after the inverted triangle to the restricted area arc, De Rossi road to the ball inside the box left unattended at the foot of Candreva, the latter seems like shooting the ball into the box and, unfortunately Italy frontcourt players did not copy the package can hit the ball.

Since then the two sides have failed to rewrite the score, then the game into the middle of the rest.

Easy side battles the second half, fifty-third minutes, Sidibe down the right Zhudianzhuifeng out of defense after the ball across the area before the bench Gignac towards the ball volley wide of the left post cleaning goal. Then the two sides have made several adjustments, Payet and other European Cup performance of the players debut. Fifty-eighth minutes, Candreva curve ball is not far from Italy, Bonaventura to knock the ball up front after the road towards the ball, Montolivo bajiaonushe, Mandadan fell to the ground will not neglect the ball seal the bottom line.

Seventy-seventh minutes left, Kool Zawa issued in, Bogebade ball after a transition, follow up the Payette cross knock Road, Donnarumma fell off the bench first will catch the ball. Eightieth minutes to do the ball before Virginia Charles Coltman, bogeba area qiuhou selfless straight to the bottom line in the vicinity, Kurt Zawa from the left detour after the plug small angle shot burst network. 1-3! France to expand the lead again.

The final stage of the game, the two sides also unable to rewrite the score, the final end of the game the referee whistle.

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