2018 Russia World Cup South American region qualifying round of the seventh round of the contest. The Brazil team away to Ecuador giants. The first half goalless. Easy side battles the second half, Jesus for the visiting team to win a penalty, Neymar kick overnight to break the deadlock, Paredes tackles two yellow and one red fouled out. Then the hot Su Smet open two degrees to lock the score is 3-0. Finally, Brazil's 3-0 win over Ecuador.

Preliminaries in the South American Championship, Ecuador 4 wins 1 flat 1 negative 13 points, and behind the top of Uruguay with points, just because the goal difference of 3 and the second place. And Brazil currently only 2 wins and 3 draws and 9 negative product 1 points, ranking sixth. It is worth mentioning that the South American World Cup top 4 teams qualify directly for the 2018 World Cup, the fifth teams will qualify for the playoffs and the champions of Oceania, so Brazil must win the rankings, or even qualify for the tournament without additional power. In this century the American Cup group game, "returned to the teeter to replace Dunga as Brazil's new coach, he also hopes to win in the first game in charge.

Start of the game. Second minutes, Kaisaiduo left the ball in front of him, to Monteiro, the latter is inscribed into the box hit the door was a small angle Alison fell out! Fifth minutes after teammate William cross adjusted her long-range high beam. Fourteenth minutes before Jesus breaking ball, continuously excellent periphery was at Lengjian by Dominguez V, sorry to miss. Sixteenth minutes, Polanyi Oswald behind Neymar booked.

Eighteenth minutes, Marcello pass forward, Paulinho Pinqiang directly volley was too big to fly out. Twenty-first minutes, Ecuador won a free kick opportunity, find the Montero second ball low shot after cutting inside the restricted area within the wide. Twenty-ninth minutes, Neymar straight, Jesus put on the ball tuishe, football rubbing column fly line! Unfortunately, Neymar has been in an offside position before the ball.

Thirty-first minutes, the Brazil team came back, William straight pass to Augusto, the latter turned to fight the door of the foot of the high out of the beam.

Thirty-fifth minutes, wo Fanqiang Noah into the box, right directly kicker hit the door angle is too much, will catch the ball on the ground by alison. Thirty-eighth minutes, Augusto and wo Noah fell on the ground, but fortunately there is no big deal, after a slight treatment to continue to put into the game. Forty-third minutes left, Montero curve ball, after the enna - Valencia qiuhou adjust his right foot shot burst over the crossbar but. Then the referee blew the whistle, the two teams temporarily ended the first half for 0-0.

Easy side battles the second half. Forty-sixth minutes, Paulinho ball left, Neymar cut the ball inside the edge of the area just missed her long-range goal, forty-seventh minutes, Paulinho qianchangduanqiu was at Lengjian again higher than the long-range beam. Fifty-sixth minutes, Neymar road breakthrough, to the front right side, after the plug in the Augusto directly hit the door hit Aki Lear on the ball to the goal was goalkeeper to hold the ball. Sixtieth minutes, Brazil makes a change, Coutinho came on for William.

Sixty-third minutes, Brazil midfield ball, the ball to the right edge of the area Neymar unmarked Augusto, who shot to fly straight out. Sixty-fourth minutes, Neymar pass in the forefront of the area to find the forbidden area, Marcello shot off the goal to get the ball. Sixty-sixth minutes, Ecuador also makes a change, substitute for Caicedo ibarra.

Seventy-second minutes, Jesus Fanqiang successful successful single form, the goalkeeper Jesus down, the referee decisive penalty and a yellow card!

Neymar penalty kick overnight, 0-1! Brazil to break the deadlock on the ground.

Seventy-fifth minutes, Neymar straight Jesus but have been offside. Seventy-sixth minutes, Paredes shovel down Augusto, the referee decisively to produce second yellow cards, two yellow change a red, Paredes was sent off. Ecuador had to play with ten men.

Seventy-eighth minutes, Polanyi Oswald peripheral foot high quality long-range flying saved alison. After eighty-third minutes, kudiniao plug ball left the door by Dominguez near the corner block. Eighty-seventh minutes, Brazil has the corner kick opportunity, Marcello came to the door in the bottom line, Jesus outside the instep qiaoshe will score, 0-2! Brazil victory.

Ninety-second minutes, Brazil comeback, Neymar cross from the left, Jesus to get the ball in the middle turn shot straight hit dead, not watched football goalkeeper network, 0-3! The hot Su smay to open two degrees.

Finally, Brazil's 3-0 Ecuador road ten in the world cup, South American qualifying division standings to narrow the gap in front of the team.

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