In the draw for the World Cup qualifiers, two teams and Albania, Macedonia, Spain and Liechtenstein with a group. In this summer's European Championships in Italy on the performance of bright spots, but coach Ventura coach debut but 1-3 lost to France, but that game absence rushed Bonucci and De Rossi is expected to play the game, because of injury to bring out; Israel captain array is the big kill in the super kill "Eden" tie Harvey, the game he will lead the team or by the potential to launch an attack on the Azzurri home court.

First, with Harvey and Ben - Haim led Israel into battle; in Italy, Barzagli, and Chiellini Bonucci regression line composed of the defence, Paley and Eder striker partner together. The opening tenth minutes, Harvey ball to find the right road with Hemed, but the latter tried again and into the restricted area of tie Harvey connection when Barzagli fell Feichan damage.

Thirteenth minutes after the Italy ball played fast attack, Vilati in the restricted area arc timely ball up the left front to find Antonelli, the ball into the restricted area after the ball cross road, has been killed in front of the pellet to be pushed easily shoot to complete break. 0-1! Italy took the lead on the road, also completed several Pelle goal state fiery.

Thirtieth minutes, Bonaventura left the ball behind a defensive contrast meal stepovers extraordinary Akira suddenly sped off into the restricted area lost its center of gravity, the desperation on the edge of the area within the step leg Bonaventura trip. Although Beaton was very emotional that no foul, but the referee did not hesitate to hand to point to the spot. Then Candreva right foot kick fool Geleishen ball into the lower right corner. 0-2! Italians continue to expand the lead.

Thirty-fourth minutes, Chiellini mistakes in the backcourt to handle the ball, the ball is not out to rescue, Hector Dmitry quickly snatches the ball to the right side of the swimming - Haim, who led a study under the ball, suddenly the door Buffon diaoshe right foot, the ball to draw a beautiful arc flying into the goal the left corner, Buffon could not even make a fighting action. 1-2! This superb lob helped Israel pulled one back.

The first half stoppage time, candreva right send accurate curve ball, pellet crushing header dart top right corner, Gresh give great saves, closed the ball out of the bottom line on the ground.

Then the game is in the middle of the break.

Easy side battles the second half, forty-seventh minutes, Bonucci qiuhou suddenly thrown back 60 meters long, starting off Tezedeke Eder's defense after was forced to the restricted area before the hanging door, but the ball just missed the goal.

Fifty-fifth minutes, the ball in the absence of the ball in the case of non - Hemed will not be a threat to the ground, the referee to produce the game second yellow cards, two yellow change a red, the end of the penalty.

Sixty-seventh minutes, Lockhart in front of 25 meters from the ground thunder suddenly hit a record shitailichen shot, Buffon barely saved the ball, tie Harvey ball in the right side of the penalty area fire, the ball sliding doors, door signs of danger appearing everywhere in Italy.

Seventy-fourth minutes, Parolo in front of area to pass the ball when Israel once again failed to kick in, but Hemed in the restricted area on the Daoguajingou hit the door wide more outrageous.

Eighty-second minutes, Buffon out of Bigfoot ball, Paley header rub point into the area of Israel, yinmobilai depends on the resistance of the body space after the shot. 1-3! Italy almost victory.

The final stage of the game, although Israel began to pounce, but the Italians will keep to the final victory. As the referee the final whistle, the end of the game.

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2016/9/6 17:41:21