In the World Cup qualifying group draw in Europe, the two teams with Albania, Macedonia, Israel and Italy in the same sub group. Spain's biggest rival in the group of non European Cup will be eliminated they belong to Italy, but only has a population of less than 40 thousand is prohibitively difficult to qualify liechtenstein. It is worth mentioning that the history of the two teams against a total of 4 times, the Spanish and the unbeaten 16 goals lost 0 ball.

First, Roberto injured Carvajal right back, Diego Costa replaced morata as a single arrow attack. After the start of the Spanish invasion, Liechtenstein is to tie the fence, from the most rigorous near metal matrix.

Tenth minutes, Spain won the front left near the sideline kick opportunity, Kirk right foot shot into the penalty area, the ball accurately over the point before the defenders find a small area before Diego Costa, who climbed high easily the ball fly. 1-0! Spain took the lead in the lead.

Thirty-ninth minutes, Tiago left the diagonal pass to precise look inside the box of Ramos, but Polverino made clear the key in Ramos before the ball to top out of the bottom line. Then Silva sent to the right corner in front of area, Kirk ball couldn't play volley ball, but he was playing Kauffman at the door and then follow up the rescue line then, in front of the Busquets stoppage time again blocked regret.

Forty-first minutes, bittolo right by virtue of personal ability to suddenly near the bottom line sends out, Diego - Costa in front of the header wide on the left column. Although occupy the absolute advantage of the ball, but in almost the whole army in front of the box back against Liechtenstein, the matador Legion is almost difficult to make a difference.

Then the game is in the middle of the break.

The first half easy side battles, replace Nuo Lituo Tiago debut. Forty-seventh minutes to kill Vitolo with vigorous strides front sent Zhise, Silva got the ball inside the penalty area fake spike light dummied goalkeeper Jheller, but then the defender will be up against the destruction of the ball.

Fifty-first minutes, Spain won the front left 23 meters outside the free kick opportunity, Kirk bow, sword hit a beautiful arc ball, but the ball hit the post regret.

Fifty-fifth minutes before the ball Nuo Lituo area and wear straight crotch sent to the forbidden area, Roberto heads obliquely into the box a shot past Jay Heller's door, the ball crashed into the net. 2-0! Roberto also ushered in the national team debut ball.

Fifty-eighth minutes, right bittolo Ruth the ball into the bottom line after the ball to calm the door, Silva will follow the ball into the net. 3-0! The game was completely lost.

Sixtieth minutes, Spain played a wonderful team with the ball left into the box, Nuo Lituo, Diego - Costa and a pad of the ball to Silva, the latter in cross knock road to nanny assists, Vitolo shot another victory. 4-0! Spain suddenly set off a climax.

Sixty-ninth minutes, Silva in front of the right rib sent straight biography, Boerweilinuo misjudged the ball missed, Diego - Costa in the restricted area after the ball and a buckle kicker hit the ball out, Jay Heller will not far, Costa follow up top and then heading into buddhism. 5-0! Costa also completed the two degrees plum opened.

Eighty-first minutes, to the road to Nuo Lituo area wing, morata qiuhou and a buckle after suddenly cold shot straight up near the corner kick, the ball. 6-0! Spain once again hit the big score.

Eighty-third minutes, Busquets right qiuhou inverted triangle back road, morata ball tuishe another victory. 7-0! Morata scored two goals in 2 minutes.

In stoppage time, morata box ferry back to do, Silva should be shot into the near corner of the goal. 8-0!

The final end of the game, Spain win over liechtenstein.

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2016/9/6 17:50:03