Italy Prime Minister Lenzi said: "he asked me to send his stop fans booed the French National Anthem thanks to Buffon."

On Thursday, Italy and France in Barry for a friendly match, some fans booed in playing the French national anthem. Italy captain Buffon led the applause, applause let most fans flooded the small part of the fans. This move has won the unanimous praise of the French media, the French top is also very happy.

Italy Prime Minister Lenzi is China at the G20 summit, he said in an interview: "today's talks, the French President Hollande to thank me, thank Buffon lead the applause, applause over boos act. Sports should be a positive attitude, Captain Buffon proved this point, I think all the Italians will be proud of Buffon. Our values than just know people booed a lot better."

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2016/9/6 18:00:40