Clippers sits at home against the defending champion Warriors, Paul amazing hit rate in the first section, individual scored 18 points to help the Clippers once made more than 20 points ahead, while Curry is received early in the first quarter forced two fouls early end rest. However, the Warriors to start chasing points after offensive, slowly erode the Clippers lead. The last one, the Warriors from behind the arc by divine intervention, they soared in a single 8 three-pointers, which dropped 3 record Curry, the Warriors less than two minutes left in the game when completed successfully overtake. The Clippers were disrupted ground, not in a row after Curry broke through foul free throws, helping the Warriors won five points ahead, a lead on this. Eventually, the Warriors 124-117 on the road to reversing the Clippers, ho to take 13-game winning streak, the body continues to remain unbeaten.

Clippers data: - Chris Paul 35 points and eight assists, four rebounds and three steals, Blake - Griffin 27 points, six rebounds and five assists, Jamal - Jamal Crawford 15 points, 5 rebounds, DeAndre - Jordan 9 points and 10 rebounds - Paul Pierce 6 points and 3 rebounds; Subs: Austin - Rivers 10 points, three rebounds, Josh - Smith eight points and two rebounds, Wesley - Johnson 7 points and 2 rebounds.

Warriors data: - Stephen Curry 40 points, 11 assists, seven rebounds and four turnovers, Klein - Thompson 25 points and 3 rebounds, Bradley Richmond - Green 19 points, nine assists and six rebounds, Harrison - Barnes 21 points, 7 rebounds; Substituted : Andre - Iguodala 8 points, 7 assists and 4 rebounds.

After the start of the game, Curry seems to feel good, he soared in the third one up. However, after consecutive passing errors and Paul Curry killing two fouls, he played more than 4 minutes to forced early end rest. Paul is remarkable efficiency in the beginning, he feels hot, soared in the third and 2 jumper, and assists Pierce dropped into the third, leading the Clippers play 13-2 climax. Although Klein - Thompson then answered a record third, but Griffin soon back playing board network fired back, Paul then soared in the third, the Clippers to 18-10 lead eight minutes, the Warriors beat stop. After the suspension, Harrison - Barnes for the Warriors dropped into the third, Clay - Thompson continuous manufacture of anti-personnel, hit three free throws, but the Clippers still maintained a very high hit rate, they are more flowering, Paul again in the three points and 2 jumper, Griffin even in the 2 note in the cast, off the bench Crawford also hit a jumper, the small Jordan completed a nifty dunks, the Clippers then blasted a wave of 10-0, the leading expand the advantage to 34-16. Warriors were playing a little Mongolian, and they appear again after the second bad, Griffin layup again, Wesley - Johnson soared in the third, the Clippers have 20 points ahead. However, Klein - Thompson in this section of the final 1 minute to come forward, he hit in the cast, and the third, helping the Warriors at the end of the first chase the score 25-41. Paul first section of outstanding performance, single scored 18 points.

Clippers lineup again in the second quarter came off offensive climax, River Sri sudden foreign investment and scored four points, Josh - Smith soared in the third, Crawford also hit in the cast, the Clippers play 7-2 to re-expand the lead 23 points. Although Curry hit the third after, but then also answered with three Rivers, the Clippers continue to maintain more than 20 points ahead. However, the Clippers appear in this section of the middle state of ups and downs, they hit rate began to fall, into a 3 and a half minutes of scoreless; Warriors seize the opportunity to start chasing points, Harrison - Sri sudden foreign investment Bath scored four points, Curry breakthrough in the manufacture of small foul Jordan, who also eat a technical foul because complain, Curry hit four free throws, the Warriors 8-0, the points deficit to 15 points. However, after waking up in time the Clippers, Griffin rebounds and manufacture of anti-two free throws, Paul also broke into 2 + 1, the Clippers re-extended their lead to 19 points. But the Warriors also played very tenacious backcourt Spear Curry and Thompson were subsequently succeeded to give retaliate, Harrison - Barnes also attack the basket and then scored 4 points, the Warriors once again the points deficit to 15 points. This section concludes with 1 minute, Curry and Griffin launched an exchange, Curry made two free throws in the manufacture of anti-personnel and soared in the third, but also in the basket labeled Griffin 2 goals retaliate, Clippers 68 -54 lead into halftime with 14 points.

After the halftime break, Crawford and Griffin were succeeded after the third quarter began, but Bradley Richmond - Green has responded immediately, he was not even in two three-pointers, the Warriors the points deficit to 12 points . However, the Clippers still maintained a good feeling, and after Paul Crawford hit a jumper, Griffin dropped into third, the Clippers extended their lead again widened to 15 points. However, after the library open attack mode, he was beaten three goals sudden foreign investment, individual scored six points in the second half to find the feel of Bradley Richmond - Green also then even with a fine cast to get 4 points, the Warriors with this wave of offensive , the points deficit to 7 points. But the Clippers bench Josh - Smith answered with a crucial moment in this three-pointers, Griffin again in the step-back jumper, the Clippers to regain double-digit lead, the Warriors beat stop. This section last two and a half minutes, the Clippers hit rate fell again, and the series of mistakes, seize the opportunity to play the Warriors offensive chase points, Aize Li and Curry have been caused by foul, both made two free throws, De Leimeng Germany - Green in the last attack soared in the third, the Warriors played 7-2, at the end of the third quarter to chase the score 85-91.

The campaign feel good Harrison - Barnes opened the score early in the fourth mode, he soared in 2 three-pointers and backhand break layup, individual scored eight points to help the Warriors fell swoop the points deficit to 1 point. However, the Clippers have not been disrupted ground, respond promptly after them, the small Jordan rebounds in the paint caused by foul, two free throws, followed by complete air dunks, Josh - Smith steals one-stop irrigation basket succeeded, the Clippers play 6-0, 7 points ahead to regain hold its ground. Warriors sudden power failure in three minutes, they shot and continuous mistakes, rely on free throws to get 1 point. Paul again after 1 three-pointers, the Clippers have made 9-point lead directly to the Warriors hit stop. After the pause, two third of the rain began, Curry soared in the two three-pointers, but Paul Pierce immediately answered with three points, Griffin hit a foul free throws, the Clippers lead with 10 points. However, Iguodala then suddenly broke out, he soared in the two three-pointers, Bradley Richmond - Green is also the basket labeled, the Warriors 8-0, in one fell swoop the points deficit to 2 points, this time turn Clippers called moratorium. After the pause, Klein - Thompson again in the third, but Crawford immediately answered with three, but Curry followed also dropped into the third, the Warriors go-ahead to complete. After Paul continuous shot is not in the basket labeled Green Curry also broke the manufacture of anti-two free throws, the Warriors have won five-point lead, this time the game time 40 seconds left, the Clippers then told suspended. After the pause, the Clippers still unable beaten, only to foul Curry, Curry made two free throws, a foregone conclusion, Griffin finally errors in the game, the Clippers ultimately powerless, send the Warriors thirteen game winning streak.

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