In the draw for the World Cup qualifiers, two teams and the Faroe Islands, Hungary, Latvia and Andorra with a group. The European champions in Portugal is recognized as the biggest favorites, and has many members in the Bundesliga Reggie Switzerland is strong, the home court to face the lack of C Ronaldo Portugal, the Swiss people have a strong desire to get points.

First, Zach midfield, R- Rodrigues and Embolo, such as the effectiveness of the Bundesliga champion Sommer have also issued the first battle; in Portugal, the European Cup final goal hero Edel and Nani, B- Silva Pepe led group attack, defense.

The opening third minutes, Silva Adair A- oblique plug ball Leigh F Steiner after chasing the anti kicker shot into the restricted area on the left, but the ball dapian. Sixteenth minutes, Ricardo left Rodrigues plug ball pulled one step suddenly at the top of the arc low shot near corner of the goal, the ball is away from the goal.

Twenty-second minutes, Switzerland won the free kick on the top of the arc front right 25 meters, Ricardo Rodrigues bow, arrow opened slightly run directly after the left foot to hit the ball flying, Patricio seals, Enboluo alertly place header to complete break. 1-0! Swiss home lead.

Thirtieth minutes, the Swiss team play fast counter, right in the Mohammadi raid send accurate xiechuan, Sefi Boris near the bottom line right towards the ball to complete the inverted triangle pass, followed by stopping Mohammadi before the penalty shot at one go, the ball went flying into the top right corner. 2-0! Swiss team continues to expand its leading edge.

Then the two sides no contribution, the game into the middle of the rest.

Easy side battles the second half, Portugal and even opening for two people, Mario and Andre - Silva took the stage to strengthen the offensive. Fifty-fourth minutes, road zhema Erie straight ball into the box to find mates, but Patricio ball free fast attack.

Sixty-seventh minutes, B- Silva received the ball after Mario left foot shot, but the ball Shepian again. The second half is slightly impatient. Sixty-eighth minutes, Portugal finished last substitutions, Quaresma substitute for Motinho, the European champions are away in a desperate fight.

Seventieth minutes, Mohammadi broke into the restricted area along the left side after the knock back road, follow up tuishe zhema Erie sliding door and.

Eighty-first minutes, Nani in the restricted area within the teammate pass the ball after the header, after playing the ball to hit the right upright. Portugal missed a good opportunity to score.

Stoppage time of Adrian Zaka Silva foul of the game show second yellow cards sent off.

The Swiss finish with a victory at the European Champions Cup in the opener, then hit the black door.

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