In the World Cup qualifying group draw, the two teams with Holland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Luxemburg with a group. Coincidentally Belarus and France had 3 consecutive World Cup divided into the same group, but they basically plays the role of the prince with reading, and in the last qualifier, they are attacked by French team league double.

First, Belarus by the West's single arrow front, France sent by Pogba, Glenn Saltzman led almost full lineup, Mandadan is injured Lori as the starting goalkeeper. The opening third minutes, the distance on the left Zawa Kool pass back to Siney Vecchi in the restricted area was nearly broken line, but fortunately Mandadan rushed out to rescue the restricted area will defuse dangerous situations.

Seventh minutes, the French team won a free kick opportunity, 35 meters away from the door outside, Gregory Saltzman nodded while distance speed not fast, but high and floating crane to the goal, on the Gul Burnuof station timely withdrawal on the line "Yingnayanque" off the ball.

Twelfth minutes, Marshall front road qiuhou from Chur to chanqiang progenitor hastening with mouth gags closed top, but his subsequent foot hit the door wide of the left post.

Seventeenth minutes, Glenn Seidman cross found Zhong Bo Geba, the latter slightly observed after suddenly kicker shot burst, but the ball shitailichen angle is Gul Burnuof fell to the ground safely hold.

Twenty-first minutes, Siney Vecchi Kalachev to top quickly after inserted before the door in the box right rib header before Kalachev 1 to 1 single eat and quickly complete the Kool Zawa winger, has impacted in the box in front of Siney Vecchi header was Mandadan sealed, but the linesman has signaled the ball offside.

Thirty-second minutes, the French team played with exquisite triangle, bogeba to Gregory Saltzman short feet, which kick the ball to the ambush on the left side of the road Marshall, united front after a demon scimitar will play ball to observe the forbidden area, Pogba Men header just wide.

Then both sides failed to create a good opportunity to break the game, the game into the middle of the rest.

Easy side battles the second half. Fifty-second minutes, Glenn Seidman right in front of area light flashed a pick two foot heel homeopathic defense after a straight out of his position, Giroux offside, single handedly broke into the restricted area after the left foot shot was sliding doors, the French team scored an excellent opportunity to miss a classic ball.

Fifty-seventh minutes, the French team won a free kick opportunity in front of the door 25 meters away, Gregory Saltzman curve ball Gongmen Gul Burnuof flying over the line. Then substitute Payette out of the right corner, Vala Hei Men's header hit the crossbar along the pop-up.

Sixty-first minutes, Valane was unwilling to remain out of the limelight 35 meters away from the door outside was at Lengjian, ball fast and urgent wiped fly out on the left column bottom line.

Sixty-fourth minutes, a free kick left ribs outside of the Payette Leipzig fly into the box before the ball Zawa Kool Gul Burnuof reacted quickly after the rub, holds the ball out of the bottom line. Sixty-eighth minutes, Sissoko right down into the restricted area after the ball down with vigorous strides sent Glenn Seidman cross, close shot was again blocked the burnouf heroics.

Seventy-third minutes, a free kick on the left side at Payette, Zawa in front of the back of the door was the moon Burnuof on the line once again saved, then beat Belarus defender kicks out.

Eighty-second minutes off the bench near Gameiro in the restricted area of the chest after stopping the sideways volley did not play it. After the French team attacked but failed to success, the match ended in a draw.

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