The two teams last met last year, America's Cup group B second round, Brazil lost 0-1, ending 11 consecutive victories in all competitions, but also the end of 1991 after the match in Columbia's 15 game unbeaten, Murillo scored the only goal of the game until Neymar hit, the red card was suspended for 4 games. After a lapse of 15 months two national team in team battles, few can revenge? After the last round of the penalty, Neymar has scored 47 goals in Brazil. The distance scored 48 goals Zico, Neymar only one goal difference. If you can open two degrees, Neymar, Bailey will complete the dialogue beyond. The Brazil two super players: Paulinho and Augusto continue to start, Neymar continues to lead the attack as attack core, the captain is Alves. Columbia also sent the main, J Ronaldo, Ospina and Chewbacca and other generals full battle.

The first half after only 3 minutes, Neymar left corner falls on the previous point, Miranda made a leap after the turn the techniques into the top far corner, 1-0!

Seventh minutes to find Muriel point area after J Ronaldo from the left of the door, hanging slightly higher than the latter header.

Twentieth minutes, Neymar outside the restricted area of the direct free kick over the wall after the high target.

Twenty-fifth minutes, the ball directly kicker Augustus Todd was at Lengjian by Ospina threw out slightly sideways.

After 2 minutes, Neymar broke into the restricted area on the right side, the small angle was tuishe Ospina flew after him.

Thirty-third minutes, Paulinho handball booked. Thirty-sixth minutes, J Luo opened a free kick on the left side, Malki Niosi in the restricted area up accidentally corner into their own door, 1-1!

Half of Harding Park, Brazil 1-1 Columbia home court temporarily into the second half.

Easy side battles the second half. Forty-eighth minutes, Paulinho box inscribed Neymar Zhise delay fighters shot blocked, then Marcello's volley volley hit high out of bounds.

1 minutes later, left off anti VacA low pass to the point, mu Lille follow up shooting hit the side line.

Fifty-second minutes, Claude Lado replaces Torres. Fifty-sixth minutes, Brazil short corner attack by Miranda box inscribed Paulinho straight turn hit the door wide target.

Sixty-seventh minutes, Coutinho replaced William play. Seventy-third minutes, Coutinho Zhise restricted the right of Neymar, the latter into the restricted area after low into the far corner ahead again, 2-1!

After 3 minutes, Coutinho front Fanqiang broke into the restricted area but the door was blocked by Murillo leg.

Seventy-ninth minutes, Marcello shovel down Claude Lado to eat a yellow card. In the end, Columbia 2-1 home victory over Brazil.

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