Juventus veteran Evra said that the team has won the Champions League this season, the strength of the Champions league.

Last season's Champions League, Juventus regret being eliminated Bayern. For this season's Champions league tournament, Evra said: the club introduced a lot of players to make up the strength of the lineup, the Champions League of course is our goal, but I do not want to sell our dreams."

"Let's take a look at this season's Champions League will do it, we'll one game to play, we certainly hope that in the final, because they are capable of winning the Champions league."

Last season, the start of the season, Evra and Buffon have also criticized the team. But Allegri then led the team made after the 15 game winning streak, and won the Champions League final.

Evra said: "I do not want to say some criticism of the team, because it means that the team has the same mistake again. I don't think it will happen again, because it's the dressing room in the Champions League, and everyone knows what it means to be in a Juventus shirt. We have a lot of good players and the team has had a very good start to the season."

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2016/9/9 17:32:43