The recent news that the contract with Wenger last year under the circumstances, Arsenal intends to hire Bournemouth coach Hovey is a professor of succession. But Hovey himself in an interview that the matter is still too early to discuss the matter, he will be all the energy on the cherry legion.

According to the "sun" reported that Wenger has yet to make a decision on whether to renew, Arsenal need to plan ahead, to consider possible alternative candidates. At today's press conference, Hovey responded to the rumors about him, saying: "guess what it is. I choose not to pay attention to these rumors, because they can not affect whether I will get a good result.

"I just want to lead the team to more victories and to go on the table. Bournemouth's success is my only goal."

Outsiders believe that Hovey's tactical thinking and the style of the Arsenal match very well. In this transfer window, the manager just from the Emirates Stadium on loan has lost his position at parent club Will Hill. The former gunner darling has been in the new club to settle down, no accident, he will debut this week against West Bromwich albion.

Hovey stressed that he will now all thoughts are on Bournemouth, not to think what will happen in the future. "The new season has started, but we haven't won yet. My attention is only focused on how to win the next game, concentrated in Bournemouth, every minute of every day is so. Because if I don't do it, the interests of the team will be damaged." He said: "I want to reiterate my loyalty to Bournemouth. I am very happy here, I think that he is a loyal person. In this business, you are very difficult to predict the future. I feel that once you have done this, the present order will be destroyed.

"Who knows what will happen in six months, one year, two years, five years, or ten years? It is impossible to predict. As a football coach, you need to live in the present, a Monday. You're either good or bad, everybody looks in the eye.

"For the development of the club, I also have their own long-term goals, but I will take every step of the foot, make sure the team for every weekend ready."

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2016/9/9 17:34:12