According to the "Aspen" reported that Atletico defender Juan Fran today at a press conference on the eve of the current round of La liga.

At the beginning of the season, the team was very anxious?

"The atmosphere in the dressing room is no better. The first two rounds of the game did not work well, but things have been so far, we now do is to maintain the desire to win. I'm sure everything will be different as long as the team can win the league. The team is in good condition and the players who have played in the national team are all back and we will play a good game."

How to treat the Gregory Saltzman's remarks?

"I think he's a very good player. In addition to the lottery does not talk, Gregory Saltzman is the European Cup best player is Atletico array very important players. He knows how he is playing for the team, a great team, and we will do our best to help him get back to the best player in Europe."

Do you think Simonyi will continue to coach next year?

"We have to concentrate on our eyes. Now he's the boss of Ma Jing, and I'm sure he'll be our manager next year. He's just as hungry as we are now. This is the last season of the Calderon stadium, for all the horse racing fans, this year there will be some special things."

Have you ever had any communication with Lopez Terje?

"I haven't talked to him. He didn't need to call me. For him and the Spanish national team, I'll be ready. Whether or not selected, I would have been ready. I am very happy that the national team has completed two good games, especially the last one, because we got the points. Loppert Jusco has previously said, every player is the master of your own destiny, so it is with me. "

Have you heard about the Spanish President Tvas remarks on the Real Madrid Barcelona?

"I don't care about the idea for this thing the president of La Liga, also don't care what he said."

Two consecutive draw opponents team sounded the alarm?

"We failed because of the details. The team in the previous two games have the opportunity to get, our performance is better than the opponent, is the point of efficiency. We had a worse game last year, but the team got three points. The team is in good form, the horse is ready, we all hope that the current round of the game to start soon."

Can you imagine a horse without Simonyi?

"Everything in life has its end, but to tell you the truth today, I can't imagine a horse without Simonyi.". I think he is the best coach in the world, is the most suitable for horse racing coach, I hope he can continue to stay in the club."

What do you expect for CELTA?

"Berizzo is very familiar with Simonyi, and they can always cause us trouble. They knocked us out of the king's Cup last year. Aspas will let them have an advantage in speed. At the same time, they also need to get a victory. I want to see the best side of the horse. I don't care if it is away, the team can not find an excuse, we have to win the game on Saturday, I also believe that we will be able to play a good performance."

What is the time (1 pm local time) for the game?

"We are not a team to find an excuse. These things we do not matter."

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2016/9/9 17:38:24