United legend Gary Neville admits he could no longer pick up the pointer.

Neville had taught in Valencia for 4 months, but 28 Games won only 10 games, so sadly class. Neville said: "I always say 'never say impossible', because I love football very much, but I think it's hard for me to do it again. Because I'm more focused on a lot of other things."

"The Salford city into the occupation League is my duty, football is also my responsibility to the international hotel, and Michael Ohara together development of high-grade restaurants is my work, I also need to be responsible for the St Michael's thing, this is the best Manchester residential district. I will not be back to the coach in the short term, perhaps the next 5 years, but the fact is that I do not want to do so. I may never be a football coach, but this is not a loss, although some people think so, but I do not agree with this view."

Neville Phil and Neville Gary suffered a defeat at 0-7 in Valencia, when they were in the kings Cup semi-final first leg defeat barcelona. Neville at the end of the season 6 weeks before being fired, but United legend refused to find an excuse for their own.

He explained: "what did not hear people than for their failure to find reasons for bad things, of course, sometimes you must take the A thing has its cause., but. If my hotel is not open, I will not blame my manager. Why? Because he was hired by me.

"I can't blame the team for the Valencia coach for 4 months after class, and I don't have to speak Spanish or have a bad luck as an excuse. Why? Because you know I took over the team before you can't speak Spanish, know the locker room chaos, know that they have a lot of fired coach, I did not succeed in Valencia."

"People just look at things from the outside and think it's a bad experience. But in my opinion, I did lose the game, but I got the experience of life, as well as the customs and culture of other countries. Sometimes I think, 'when will I get this chance again?' England, a coach for a Spanish team four. I know I can't speak Spanish, and I take a language course, and other coaches have told me that I can't speak the language of other countries.

"I think I have two or three things wrong, but I should also adhere to the self, I know the reason why the club boss invited me, he hoped that the new coach will clean up 6 players, causing more chaos in the locker room, and then let the team experienced 6 new coach."

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2016/9/13 17:42:56